1. Homepage

This is the first page you see when you open our website. Our default language is English. But you can choose another language: French or Indonesian.  

2. Categories

You can see the entire product price list for each product category as a guest without an account. But to place an order you must log in first.

3. Account

To access your account page, please enter the account menu or click the account icon. Then fill in your email and password.

If you don't have an account yet, please register. You can register as a regular account or a B2B account. The regular account will be automatically activated immediately. B2B accounts will require admin approval once you register.

4. Register as Regular Account

The regular account registration process is quite easy. Fill in all the available fields and you will receive a verification email to activate your account.

5. Register as B2B Account

When registering for a B2B account you will be asked to fill in other data related to your business. You must fill in all the fields provided. After the registration process, our admin will check and approve your account. Once your B2B account registration is approved, you will receive a notification immediately.

6. Login

After your account is active, you can log in to your account. If you log in as a B2B account, you will automatically get B2B prices for each product.

7. Repeat Order

If you have made an order before, you can do a repeat order. You can enter your account page and select "Recent Order Product" or "Reorder". This will make it easier for you to order the same product again in the future.

Thank You

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