French bakery that sells various bread and pastries.


Daily Baguette is an authentic French bakery that sells various bread and pastries. We maintain the quality and taste of France with our special recipes. Our bakery offers croissants, bread, baguettes, bagels, toast, buns, muffins, focaccia, hotdogs, burger buns, toasts and panini.

Daily Baguette uses superior quality materials to make our products. You can expect a very soft texture from our breads and cakes that are both delicious and hard to forget. Every day we have new and fresh products so you'll never get bored of what's available! The aroma of our products is very fragrant and appetizing.

Our working staff is all recruited and trained to maintain product and service quality. Everyone will be treated like family here at Daily Baguette - we offer free wifi so you can stay connected while enjoying your food!

Daily Baguette has three locations: Sanur, Ubud, and Renon. We are located in tourist areas where there are many cafes or restaurants nearby for you to choose from depending on what kind of experience you're looking for when visiting our shop.

Daily Baguette is a French bakery and cafe chain with three outlets in Bali. Each outlet is designed to be both a comfortable place for visitors to sit, relax, have a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy some fresh bread and pastries.

The first outlet opened in Ubud in February 2015, followed by the second in Sanur in 2017. In 2023, Daily Baguette's third outlet will open its doors near Renon.

Daily Baguette's founders are Maxime and Delphine; they're passionate about French cuisine and seek to share their love of good food with customers around the world. They started out with a bakery business but soon realized that there was an opportunity for them to expand into cafes—and they've never looked back!

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