Everything You Should Know About Apple Turnover

The Apple Turnover, The Pastry That Saved an Entire Village

Apple Turnover by Daily Baguette - The Best Pastry in Bali The Turnover and its several variations have existed for ages. Each country appears to have its own version of the dessert. Empanadas from Spain, dim sum from China, and samosas from India. The fillings change depending on locale and seasonal availability, but the fundamental folded pastry dough encasing sweet or savory fillings does not. The turnover was first documented in writing in 1753, although the tradition of making these movable pies dates back far longer. And for good reason: they're simple to prepare, affordable, and, most importantly, portable. The turnover and its ilk were useful, particularly for ancient nomadic cultures.

Because turnover has become such an integral component of so many countries' diets, it's difficult to determine who came up with what when. It, like other edibles, may be traced back to the French. If not the first turnover, it was certainly the first of the apple kind, or Chausson aux Pommes. According to legend, an epidemic broke out at St. Calais, in the Sarthe area of France, around 1630. In an effort to alleviate their suffering, the lady of the town, or the Chatelaine, presented the ailing people with flour and apples. The resultant pastry became known as apple turnovers. We can only infer that, because the town is still alive and well today, the apple turnovers were responsible for the town's recovery and the improved health of all its residents.

The Chausson aux Pommes Fete commemorates and celebrates the event each year. Every year at the beginning of September, the people of Saint Calais celebrate a medieval festival. It is said that the local bakers "roll" their ovens out into the street, creating and distributing apple turnovers at an astonishing rate. The practicalities of the ovens getting from the kitchen to the street have never been explained, but it appears that some leftover apple turnover magic lingers, allowing the unthinkable to happen year after year.
Apple Turnover by Daily Baguette - The Best Pastry in Bali

What Is Apple Turnover Or Appleflap?

A turnover is a little pie created by filling, folding, and sealing a piece of dough. Turnover is often a small portable meal, similar to a sandwich, that can be savory or sweet. Although turnovers are commonly shaped as triangles, they can also be folded into half-moons, rectangles, or squares.

Apple turnover is a type of pastry with a filling made of apple bits and a topping made of dough. Apple turnovers are commonly eaten for breakfast, dessert, or even as a snack. Apple turnovers are the most popular sort of turnover, loved by people all over the world.

Do You Know There Is A Day Set Apart To Commemorate Apple Turnover?

The most popular apple-filled pastry puff is honored on National Apple Turnover Day. On July 5, people commemorate National Apple Turnover Day. On National Apple Turnover Day, people enjoy this simple and classic delicacy, which is made by spooning an apple filling into the center of a square of dough that is usually baked but may alternatively be fried.

We don't know who or what inspired National Apple Turnover Day. Portable pastries and fruit-filled pastries are nothing new. Apple turnovers have been popular since the 17th century. A fruit-filled variation was included in the first dish of turnovers. Sprinkle sugar or icing on top for extra sweetness. Cheese, chocolate, almonds, raisins, cherries, potatoes, blueberries, peaches, vegetables, and other fillings are available for turnovers. This apple-filled pastry is commonly consumed for breakfast or brunch.

Apple Turnover by Daily Baguette - The Best Pastry in BaliApple Turnover by Daily Baguette - The Best Pastry in BaliApple Turnover by Daily Baguette - The Best Pastry in Bali

Other Flavours Of Turnover

A turnover is a culinary treat. The warm, melty centre will eventually overtake the crisp and flaky surface, revealing the most brilliant of tastes. Turnovers come in a variety of well-known flavours, here are some:

  1. Apple and Pecan Turnovers
  2. Quick Apple Rhubarb Turnover
  3. Raspberry Cream Cheese Turnovers
  4. Afghan Meat Turnovers
  5. Cheese and Grape Turnovers
  6. Chili Cheese Turnover
  7. Chinese Chive and Pressed Tofu Turnovers
  8. Date Turnover
  9. Cookies Strawberry Jam Turnovers
  10. Sweet Onion Turnovers
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